What is Switching Power Supply

Introduction to Switching Power Supply

A switching power supply is more commonly referred to as a switch mode power supply or an SMPS. This mode of power works on the principle of having superior efficiency. It is small in size, and light in weight making it the ideal power supply for smaller gadgets. The SMPS is designed to be an efficient unit which works by drawing less current, thus making it run at a cooler temperature – making it advantageous all round.

What is Switching Power Supply

How Does a Switching Power Supply Work?

An SMPS works by creating DC current from the AC mains power supply. It does this by using a transistor switch among other important components. The switch works like a transformer. It is very effective in the power that it converts in that almost none is wasted. Almost all of the incoming AC power can be transformed into DC and this results in a high performance. The SMPS wastes very little heat. This is because they produce no current when they are not turned on and when they are turned on they produce no voltage. This leaves a very efficient power supply that has surpassed all previous inventions of this type.

The switching regulator makes the SMPS extremely efficient. It effectively provides a controlled voltage which is quite often at a different level to the input voltage. The qualities of an SMPS do vary depending on how costly the device was to buy. Although we often think more expensive things can be bought quite cheaply, in this case it is advisable to buy the more expensive products, as a low quality SMPS can sometimes lead to a low quality output. Poor quality products can sometimes also lead to distortion and interferences which are never a good thing.

Switching Power Supplies and Manufacturers

A switch mode power adapter is quite often the top choice for manufacturers – especially for manufacturers of the new gadgets that we are quite often seeing on the market today. Manufacturers are happy with the weight and size of the products and also the efficient power that their products receive from them. When it comes to distribution costs this is also a plus as due to the light weight of the products – delivery is affordable. It can even be considered cheap when compared to the power supplies of yester year!

Disadvantages of a Switching Power Supply

There is only one disadvantage of an SMPS and this is the repair costs. Due to the specialised nature of these devices, and the quite often complicated circuits inside the products, the repair costs can be quite high. It is often much more cost efficient to completely replace the SMPS rather than pay someone to fix it. This is not as big a disadvantage as it may sound. Most people will tell you that after buying an SMPS that they have had no breakage problems. This is because the SMPS is built to last and it is a high quality product.